I came to UCL in London in September 2012. One evening, I decided to go to a UCL Catholic Society barbecue (for the free food mainly, not for the catholic stuff). I met a girl there who seemed very excited about my happiness and rare German humour and she invited me to come to Mass at the main Catholic Chaplaincy centre. I lived 40 minutes away by foot but one day I managed to make myself get up early on a Sunday and go to Mass. I enjoyed meeting many students my age and it felt very homely. I came a few more times during the year and took part in Chaplaincy parties and outings and got to know everyone very well.

Over the last two years my life has changed dramatically. I don’t see Sunday Mass as merely a part of my routine but as something I enjoy thoroughly. I started going to weekday Mass and learning about all the different things associated with the Catholic Church, of which I was previously unaware. Students helped me all the time, even when I asked them questions that might seem very naïve such as “How do I confess?” or “What is adoration?” But the Chaplaincy is my home. I enjoy being here and everyone stands up for each other and is always there for each other. Most importantly, I have learnt to trust God – knowing that he will listen and help me whenever I need him.